Marketing Practices Contractors Are Doing Wrong

Many small business owners don’t understand the value of marketing. With proper marketing techniques, ROI (return on investment) can be tremendous. In an industry such as this, competition is too great to miss an opportunity to better market your company. Relying only on current customers is a since of false security. People move and needs change. Your faithful customers can leave at anytime. Not planning ahead by developing good marketing skills will greatly hinder your growth possibilities.  Read more


The Art of Interviewing

There is more to interviewing than just asking questions. You may have the wrong person for your company saying the right things to general questions. Conducting good interviews is a skill, one many owners do not have.

Interviews are nerve wrecking for both parties. Typically you walk away from an interview questioning if you represented yourself and/or your company in good light. By preparing and coming up with a strategic plan, interviews can be more successful.  Read more

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