The Art of Interviewing

There is more to interviewing than just asking questions. You may have the wrong person for your company saying the right things to general questions. Conducting good interviews is a skill, one many owners do not have.

Interviews are nerve wrecking for both parties. Typically you walk away from an interview questioning if you represented yourself and/or your company in good light. By preparing and coming up with a strategic plan, interviews can be more successful.  Read more


A Look at the Irrigation Industry for 2017

Irrigation is a main source of revenue for many in the Green Industry. To better plan your business ventures it is smart to stay up-to date on the state of irrigation in the industry. This evaluation is based on information given from the Irrigation Association about the state of irrigation regulations and what contractors can expect in 2017. Read more


Promoting Your Brand in 3 Steps

In this business, your clients could make or break you. For one, they pay your bills. Also, what your clients think of your company and how they perceive your work performance is many times the difference between success and failure. Create loyal customers by making them feel comfortable dealing with you and reassuring them that you are their best service provider. You have to earn a customer’s trust and satisfy their needs over time. it could take one job or 15. Each person will react to you differently. Read more


7 Steps to Keeping Your Employees

Everyone wants to see their businesses grow. The best way to speed up growth is to not just hire the right people, but keep them long term. The right people will represent your business in a way that increases client confidence and sales. Leaders often know what they need when hiring, but once you get the right people on board, how do you get them to stay?  Read more


Be Wise in Your Generosity

Of course we are all in business to make money, but we aren’t soulless. Sometimes there are situations that arise that lead to you being generous to a client. You have probably helped them out in special ways or giving them extra services. Unfortunately, the client doesn’t always appreciate your generosity. Whether they are upset about the work you did or claim you didn’t do enough, either way your generosity came back to hurt you.  Read more


The Year of the Wolf

This year at Wolf Creek Company University we are proud to provide you with the latest and greatest winter classes. Each course offers a unique way to learn and become better at managing certain systems. Wolf Creek Co. knows you are busy, that’s why we wait until the winter months to provide you with low cost training for the newest industry systems. We offer various online and on site classes for you convenience. They are hands on and interactive, making it easy to learn. Read more

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