A Look at What Customer’s Request: Harvested Water Irrigation

It may not be of a huge concern to you, but on the mind’s of many homeowners is water conservation. Collecting rainwater for irrigation uses is a practical conservation method.

Rain Water Harvesting is promoted for a few reasons. One of which is to collect and store rainfall to supply irrigation water. Nothing really new, humans have created storage for irrigation water ever since organized agriculture began. Read more


How to Conserve Water in the Lawn

Water is a key proponent in healthy grass. Without water, lawns can become stressed and weak. Finding the balance between watering and over watering can be meticulous. Not only is watering important, but conserving water (and money) is as well. Many factors, such as evaporation and head placement, should be evaluated to create a more efficient and effective system. And, now is the time to make plans for spring setup.  Read more

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