Light Your Way to More Work

So, the first frost has come and passed and the cutting season is coming to an end. What now? For some the cold means snow removal, but there is another option. The money is in the lighting! Summer and Fall lighting are great ways to develop new customers that can carry into the new season. But, too often landscapers forget about winter lighting opportunities. I’m talking about Christmas lights! Read more


Psychology of Colored Light

Every detail is thought through and analyzed in a landscaping project. What tree goes where, what hole get dug there, and when to install systems here. But are you overlooking something? Color and lighting influence our psychological functioning on a daily basis. Color knowledge is not a new thing, but the impact of light is. Read more


Low Voltage Licensing Coming to Kentucky???

The Commonwealth of Kentucky introduced a bill early in 2016 known as House Bill 439. This bill focuses on licensure of workers employed in the low voltage electrical trades. This is a real problem for a variety of industries. And, if it passes in Kentucky it could be coming to your state.  Read more

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