Golf irrigation has changed and the advances in technology will be causing more change in the next few years.  But change is good!

New products will allow golf courses to be wise stewards of natural resources, more efficient operators, and provide a better product for golfers.

Golf Irrigation Evaluation

Analyzing your current irrigation system may be the best first step to plan golf irrigation renovations.

Performance audits will determine Distribution Uniformity (DU).  Pump Stations audits determine suitability and condition.  Control system evaluation determines capabilities.

Irrigation Planning

Once you know what you have and where you want to be, product selection to meet your needs and wants is the next step.  A good irrigation system design is step two.   After that it comes down to planning, financing, and contractor selection.  We can help from beginning to end.


Owning an irrigation system is the beginning, knowing how to use it causes a positive return on investment to happen.  We educate to help insure effective operations.  And we’re here to answer questions as they arise.


A well designed, installed, and maintained system will last for many years.  Good service insures many years of good operation.

But sometimes things happen where some extra help is needed.  We understand a down system is a problem so our service staff stand ready to help you get it fixed.

We offer several service programs to help, Service Packages brochure.  

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Rain Bird golf irrigation


Rain Bird golf irrigation catalog.  

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